Dead to rights 1

He'll typically salvage these from fallen foes, but he wastes no time reloading, opting instead to coolly toss aside depleted weapons. Or maybe you're not even sure how to go about playing the game the right way? The game's story, told through Jack's deadpan narration and the occasional CG cutscene, seems pretty straightforward at first.

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Dead to Rights Review

Dead to Rights plays differently from Max Payne--and from most other action games, for that matter. And they're never optional--it's do or die.

If you are unsure about something, do not hesitate to ask the staff or flag the page you are having trouble with please don't forget to tell us about the problem or reason. Jack finds Marin and while he's interrogating him a woman named Eve Adams murders Silt.

Dead to Rights Review - GameSpot

But no one said being the hero was going to be easy. At the end of the game, Jack kills Hennessey in the boiler room of an apartment building and leaves town, stating that while he has justice for his father's murder it will take more than him to clear the city of crime. NamcoNamco Bandai Games. Looking to put a new action hero on the case?

Jack then gives the files to reporter Kip Waterman to put on the news before he heads off to get his revenge on Hennessey. Archived from the original on March 31, Jack eventually escapes the cemetery and calls Eve to find out who his attackers were. Jack kills Pinnacle, Fahook escapes on a plane, but Jack gets on board of the plane just before it takes off, blowing up the base at the same time. The brawling sequences usually are neither interesting nor particularly fun, though.

Jack and Eve foil the assassination attempt but then Eve is murdered by Patch. Retrieved from " https: You'll have to, because the camera doesn't do a good job of tracking your movement all by itself.

During his escape from prison Jack is almost run down by Marvin Silt. Also, Slate will have to fight unarmed in a number of sequences, and he can switch to unarmed combat in the middle of a gunfight, too. You "equip" Shadow like any other weapon, target a foe and push the fire button as you normally would, and then you'll suddenly be watching a slow-motion close-up of Shadow mauling the victim.

If only you were so lucky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You'll be constantly on the lookout for health and armor power-ups, which can instantly take you from death's door to perfect shape--not that Slate looks or acts differently depending on his health and armor levels.

It was released in as a timed exclusive for the Xboxand releases for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube followed thereafter. He is the only survivor of the ensuing plane crash. For the video game series, see Dead to Rights series. Death in Dead to Rights comes swiftly and often. Kevin Manthei Kevin Riepl. As Jack revealed the evidence to the media, the FBI investigate the case and presumably clear him of the murder charges, but Jack fakes his death, pretending to have died in the plane crash near the end of the game with only Kip Waterman knowing the truth.

Dead to Rightsthe first game in the series, was developed by Namco and released as a timed exclusive for the Xbox in The weapons are very easy to find and come in huge numbers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Upon completing the tutorial level, a homicide case is discovered, and there on, Officer Jack Slate is cast into the Underbelly of crime.

Just before he makes it to Hildy she is taken away and finds out that Fahook is running a gold mining and smuggling ring with the mayor Pinnacle.

She takes the files, but doesn't harm Jack who follows her to an abandoned Air Force base that is Fahook's hideout. There's a lot to say about the action in Dead to Rights because Slate is a versatile fighter.

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