Blitz sonic ultra engine

Well, being unable to live without boost would mean you have a rather strong and worrying addiction to the Sonic Boost. Personaly, I loved Both demos. And it's called BlitzSonic, not Sonic Blitz. Having shot rolling physics that can ruin a game while preventing people to boost is much easier. Both Demos are totally unbeliveable great!

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You do realize you can do that with the classics as well right?

Too Many Requests

To be honest, I don't think you should even be able to save your game. It is open source. Am I one of the few that sees that? Just be like the Zelda series from here on out and just change it bit by bit not alot that it kills someones enthusiasm.

Meh, I never really searched that hard for another version anyway since I have only played it for a few minutes. Dec 17, 2: That statement is wrong, as I am engihe for a reason.

The gameplay was smooth including drift.

Yet no-one complained when Classic sonic got ultda homing attack Look, Im not saying a boost is bad. I dont remember if drift was in Demo 2 after I lost it.

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I wish I had this again but my computer died. Having shot rolling physics that can ruin a game while preventing people to boost is much easier. Blitz Sonic Ultra 2 or 3 Download? Nothing Is True, Everything is enfine. Unleashed isn't bad because it has boost It's not "The flow of the game" that matters.

You just don't search hard enough. I think Damizean has an account here, but from what he said, he basically stopped working on this because he couldn't find any people to make models or maps for it.

BlitzSonic Xas

People should see a doctor about that. It xonic makes more sense that way. Sonic and Sega Retro Message Board: Personally, I think BSU 3 uktra the best engine yet, as there is no boost, but rolling physics. Why would I complain for no reason? I didn't see anything regarding this, so if I was wrong, please proceed to trash this. The source code is very much closed. Dec 17, I have the source to multiple versions.

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I love boosting best thing and actually makes sense of what Sonic can do. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I'm on the Retro site and they are a bunch of enginne honestly.

Such as this WIP: Plus, just for laughs, Sonic Retro not long ago were complaing about Sky Sanctuary in Generations engibe being "yellow" enough. And he is using a classic controller pro that Wii on a PC. And it's called BlitzSonic, not Sonic Blitz.

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