Blackenergy ddos bot

Once a connection is established, a random data packet is sent to the server. In addition, Black Energy 2 plugins are not executable. Figure 16 - iexplore.

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Creating a socket, UDP protocol.

It has been in development for quite some time now and in the later part of last year, we've seen blackenergt botnet evolve from targeting websites for DDoS attacks to include plugins architecture that allows spamming emails and facilitates online banking fraud. If the former parameter is received, the plugin begins an attack, if the latter is received, the attack is stopped.

Prior to encryption, the str. Pointer to the interface ID. MySQL database creation file. Next one tries to mimic a political party called "Right Sector" — a far-right Ukrainian nationalist political party, originally set up as an alliance of ultra-nationalist groups in November BlackEnergy is a modular backdoor that can be used for several purposes, like espionage and downloading of destructive components to compromise target systems.

BlackEnergy APT Malware | RSA Link

Calling the Navigate method. This is followed by operating system data: The Busy method is then used by the malicious program which waits until the request is completed. A sample blackfnergy is shown below: The malicious DLL is then copied to this memory area and address offsets are remapped according to the relocation table.

This screenshot gives an dddos. A parameter one dcos the commands from the section in the bot configuration file is passed to the DispatchCommand function. As can be easily guessed, the DispatchCommand function waits for the main DLL to send it the following parameter: Unique ID used to tag the generated bot client; Default command: Each plug-in has an exported function, DispatchCommand, which is called by the main module — the DLL injected into the svchost.

Once the Black Energy 2 executable is launched on a computer, the malicious application allocates virtual memory, copies its decryptor code to the memory allocated and then passes control to the decryptor.

A screenshot of the builder. The malicious DLL is stored in the. Figure 16 - iexplore. Cybercriminals use a variety of bots to conduct DDoS attacks on Internet servers. What data is sent: If the archive size is equal to the data size, it means that the data is not packed. This method uses APC queue processing.

In order to launch the infector driver, the decryptor driver allocates memory, copies the decrypted code to that memory area, remaps address offset fixups and passes control to it.

Figure 17 - Windows Shortcut File at Startup created by the malware. Regular updates make it possible for the bot to evade a number of antivirus products, any of which might ddoss installed on the infected computer, for a long time.

BlackEnergy APT Malware

The bot has several main functions: This includes encryption and code compression; anti-emulation techniques can also be ddoa.

This one pretends to be a Microsoft Excel file with information regarding a VIA Investment draft plan for railways development of Ukraine: DAT are Portable Executable files with encrypted contents. The decrypted data is an infector driver which will inject a DLL into the svchost.

Tue, 24 Mar Using boot steps, the malicious program imitates an ordinary user visiting a particular page.

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