Funny desktop gadgets for windows 7

The gadget streams the video in a tiny window the size of the screenshot provided above. Choose design and use for your enjoyment. I highly recommend Shrimp7. Thanks for catching that!

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Besides, 'very old' is quite relative. Of course, there are many system monitor gadgets you can choose from.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts The Sidebar was a wide ruler-shaped area on the Vista desktop where mini applications called Gadgets could be found. Just filter the history for a keyword to find it. One of the interesting new features that made Windows Vista different from other releases of Windows was the Gadget Sidebar. Best feature is that it gets price updates from Yahoo! How did you discover this 6 years old article if you weren't looking for desktop gadgets?

Administering and Maintaining Windows 7 M No one really liked the Windows Sidebar when it arrived with Windows Vista.

Top 7 Coolest Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets You Have To Use

Undisputed VS 2 Clock. Fortunately, Microsoft got rid of the ugly Vista sidebar in Windows 7, so that your gadgets are allowed to float freely on your desktop. Tina link for "The Magic Folder" is missing.

There's some excellent ones here: Control your PC system activity easily and effectively. These are some very useful Windows 7 gadgets, and the often times work better than gadgets available on other platforms.

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Check fresh and interesting information about everything just with one click! This gadget provides quick access to the clipboard history. Simply right-click on the entry in the history and select your action. Who in the F looks at their desktop? Windows 7 Certification Boot Camp. It puts Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed in one Gadget. Unfortunately, the manager window is very large, so on my netbook I had to use the [TAB] key to jump to the for me invisible OK button and save my changes.

Read More Explorer are, like the monitors above, two related gadgets created by the same developer. You can retrieve images or text you copied previously from the history or create your favorite clips to use in the future. If interested in monitoring your system add "Top Processes" to the list - It'll help point which programs windowz using most of your processor. For example you can view YouTube videos in the flyout, but load the results in your browser when you search Amazon.

Choose any application of this raw and try it! There are three main versions available for widows categorizing by their detail level they provide. The gadget streams the video in a tiny window the size of the screenshot provided above.

Use Internet fro in the control panel for any version of windows. Clock Gadgets Choose cute clocks with original design for your Windows 7 desktop.

Clicking the little plus button in the bottom right will fold up the preview and reduce the window to the current weather conditions. This lets you actually take a look at the current weather conditions and make a better decision.

I want the new stuff: You can manage the entire history and your favorite clips from the Clipboard Manager, by clicking on more.

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