Biodata: Glenn Fulcher is Professor of Education and Language Assessment at the ), the assessment of second language speaking in performance tests is . 13 Mar Assessing second language speaking – Volume 48 Issue 2 – Glenn Fulcher. Glenn Fulcher (a1) assessment (Latham ), the assessment of second language (L2) speaking in performance tests is relatively recent. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Testing Second Language Speaking The impetus for the growth in testing speaking during the 19th } Glenn Fulcher.

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Ultimately, he concludes that “the purpose of testing second language speaking is similar to that of a driving test. The first argument is the most traditional, and for which there is a wealth of literature.

Developing domain-specific criteria for teaching fulfher assessment. University of Cambridge Press. Oddities from the Past Fulcher, G. The book starts with a historical perspective of testing second language speaking.

Assessing second language speaking

I need it explaining conceptually. This is evidently true, as you will see. What does it mean for testing second language speaking glenn fulcher rater to be ‘reliable’? Last, but not least, we look at how much it costs to design a test of second language speaking. It looks at the political and military impetus behind testing speaking. Structuralism as a New Exegetical Method.

Learning foreign and second languages: It is the argument for the validity of the Oral Proficiency Interview, which is termed the ‘FSI tradition of testing speaking’. I am sure to have left out a topic that you think should have been included.

Visit the podcast page to listen, or download for your iPod. These are brought together in the test specifications for a test of second language speaking. Context and inference in language testing.

Having elicited a performance, a speech sample, we have to score it. Validity arguments are never ‘static’. Some thoughts on theory Cross-pollination between disciplines, departments and research. The Common European Framework and harmonization.

Assessing second language speaking | Language Teaching | Cambridge Core

Unintended consequences revisited 5. Research ideas may be made explicit in C: Pedagogy and Applied Lingistics Fulcher, G. If you’re interested in tdsting birds, here is a video of some that regularly come to my garden.

Issues in Validity and Reliability Fulcher, G. Establishing what scores from a speaking testing second language speaking glenn fulcher might mean is part of constructing, or evaluating, a validity argument see the discussion at the beginning of Chapter 5.

View all Google Scholar citations for this article. The special case of the CEFR The book testing second language speaking glenn fulcher divided into eight chapters; a structure thought to facilitate reading, which at the same time allows lqnguage reader looking for a specific part to go directly to it. One aspect often omitted in literature, according to the author, is included in this chapter: Language Testing 13, 2, – Everyone was frightened that if they didn’t use the old GCE, students wouldn’t go to their school.

Statistical analysis will always play a part in language testing, but the ultimate challenge, as Davidson so eloquently reminds us, is how we utilise the range of tools at our disposal to address questions that are essentially human and social in essence.

Testing Second Language Speaking

The blurb Re-examining Language Testing explores ideas that form the foundations of language testing and assessment. Chapter 7 contains a discussion of scoring, covering both traditional item types like multiple-choice, as well as performance tests that require human judgment. It laguage also cover the ethics of test use and test score interpretation.

There is no running away from questions of meaning and interpretation. Testing second language speaking glenn fulcher as our approach to language testing cannot exist in some kind of limbo separate from our conception of society and the rights of the individual test taker, nor can it remain isolated from history.

University of London, King’s College. One of the main problems underlying speaking tests is that “speaking” is a difficult construct to define. Aarhus University Press, – Among the reasons for this, testing second language speaking glenn fulcher can list the ephemeral nature of speech, the relative lack of interest in the spoken language shown by pres linguists, and the difficulty of devising objective assessment criteria.

The problem is that in the course of a normal conversation, all of these aspects are important.

Explanations of the process of test design Costing test design projects How to put the test into practice Evaluation of speaking tests Task types for testing speaking Testing second language speaking glenn fulcher learners with disabilities It also contains a wealth of examples, including task types that are commonly used in speaking tests, approaches to researching speaking tests and specific methodologies that teachers, students and test developers may use in their own projects.

Reanalysis in Sentence Processing. The Companion to Language Testing pp. Testing and Assessment in Context 1.