German vocabulary audio

You can improve your German anywhere and anytime. The lessons are based on levels A1 and A2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and cover diverse lexical fields. Germany Angela Merkel puts on hold arms sales to Saudi Arabia The letter R always confused me, because speakers of standard german always seemed to pronounce it differently Very, very useful deck.

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Austin - sincere thanks. Very, very useful deck. Subscribe here to all the Audiotrainer lessons. Best deck for start improving. The Audiotrainer in the classroom.

German Vocabulary Lessons

Other decks might be better suited for absolute beginners due to the choise of sample sentences. It's surely better than a deck I'd come up with anytime soon.

I note another version has been made available utilizing you're work as it's starting point that enhances it but I still think there is room for still further improvement beyond even that. There are various sounds that are quite obviously different from the standard, but I'll give just a couple of examples, the word "wenig". geran

Nevertheless, I've been working on a deck to improve the English translations, add English audio only to so faradd fields to permit alternative German sample sentences and alternative English translations, and normalize the German audio. This is what I was aiming for when I did the same back in by simply using the Google translator and a macro program, incurring no cost, merely my time, but the online translations are not ideal for beginners so I have now removed that.

Hi Austin, thank you very much for your hard work and sharing it! The letter R always confused me, because speakers of standard german always seemed to pronounce it differently Specially how they pronounce R. This deck lifts my German studies to another level.

The author has done a great job. I have a separate deck for irregular verbs, which I use alongside this. You're a life saver! That's a shame because most of my learning happened vocabullary the sentences, not just hearing a single word out of context. This defeats the whole point of focusing on a high frequency list of words.

Top German Vocab with Native Audio Sample Sentences - AnkiWeb

The beginning was nice. So this shows you the best way to learn Deutsch: Business Number of billionaires rises rapidly It's a lot of work. If you haven't already learned the first words, I encourage you to copy the deck and use your copy to study the words by themselves, up to Thank you so much for the deck, you just helped a lowly broke student passing his German test: It's very helpful to have a sentence for context with gwrman. The pronunciation is far better than what I found on online dictionaries or google translate.

Cheers, - Austin Szelkowski. This deck is different than any of the other ones.

Top 4047 German Vocab with Native Audio Sample Sentences

COM in 30 languages. Wenn man einer neuen Sprache lernen will, darf man nicht faul sein!

I really appreciate your work. I would find a different deck for learning gramma make your own and use this one for exposure to auvio and sentence s structure. An absolute must for students learning German.

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