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And as a last resort you can contact GpsGate support. You connect Garmin applications like nRoute to the first port in the list, and other NMEA applications to the remaining ports. Download free GpsGate Server Install it on your own server.

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Job information can also be sent to Garmin navigators mounted in the vehicles, this helps communication between operator and driver and assist driver with navigation. You can create custom reports for each business role and have them run on your schedule.

The first time GpsGate is run a setup Wizard will start. When GpsGate is running it is displayed as gpsgare Tray Icon.

Many regional map services, shape files for on site installation, and APIs to integrated not yet supported mapping options. Geofences frnason events use your custom business rules.

You can add a device to an administrator or operator as well, which is a good way to save licenses for small applications.

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And here is a collection of some more guides. Our mobile apps and interfaces keep managers informed at all times.

You manage your own customer base and provide value add to your end ypsgate by offering device installation services, local support, and ancillary services. Data is backed up. What you cannot do is to add multiple device to one user, that will not work. Multiple map providers are supported, as well as custom map import.

GpsGate - GpsGate Server Guides

If you need to create more ports you can do that from the Settings Dialog at any time. It shows a maintenance status overview and sends notifications when vehicles pass service intervals. Depending on which features you have enabled for the application you can also create Franxonmanage alarms, jobs for serevr and much more in real time. When the Wizard finds a GPS, a message dialog is displayed. You can monitor individual worker's progress and see statistics for the whole fleet.

Reports can be presented directly in the web browser or scheduled and sent over email. The platform offers real-time GPS tracking of multiple vehicles in a web xerver. Security Real-time overviews, alerts, and detailed records keep vehicles, cargo, and drivers safe. The Workspaces you setup can be included in an Application Template and included in new application created. It can be if a vehicle enters or leaves a geofence, if feanson person presses an alarm button. You can store unlimited data and have 25, vehicles in one application.

Driver Journal Use Driver Journal to keep track of your business trips. The installation is free for 5 users.

Valid GPS data has been detected at the selected input, but the GPS data has no fix, that is it cannot determine its position yet. Use Driver Journal to keep track of your business trips.

You get a notification by SMS or email if your server needs attention.

Download free GpsGate Server

Partner-focused Start your own tracking business. Implementation Options and Pricing. White-label software used by tracking partners in over countries. GpsGate has a range of tools and guides to sort out any unexpected problems. Vehicle Maintenance The Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service.

Use the forum to search for solutions and post new questions.

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