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I do a lot of research in libraries, cemeteries, court houses, etc that have nothing to do with Ancestry but I do put that info in my FTM so I can print reports, etc. SrI have uesd Family tree maker for 10 yrs and tried to down load i am 78 yrs old How can i get a up date. But at least MacKiev have shown a commitment to improving the app, something I could never say about Ancestry when they owned it. In fact, you could have different hints online and in FTM.

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Family Tree Maker Updates Officially Released [Updated 1 Jan ]

This guide offers you a step-by-step tour of the program and all that you can accomplish with it. I hope it improves. Now I suddenly find that my FTM does not work and this is the first time that I heard about Ancestry selling the program.

I uploaded the FTM This is good news — many thanks for your swift reply. You might try RootsMagic, as it has some good internet functionality, even in the free version yes, there is a treee free version.

Please note that you qualify only if you purchased FTM My laptop is not very old but it is not very tref either. As I can see by the comments, this was a good choice. In fact, you could have different hints online and in FTM.

Also make sure FTM is online. My tree is on Ancestry but will not download to a Gedcom. I am still a member of Ancestry and paid up there so that is not the problem.

How do I get updated?

I do not have a family tree on Ancestry nor will I ever. A link was sent and then it say that it was expired. This may be an indication that the new tree sync is not nearly as close to working as MacKiev implies.

We have just bought a new PC and still have to install it before we can check it thoroughly.

You'll also receive our free weekly newsletter so that you can stay up-to-date on our newest articles. Not directly, which is kind of crazy since RootsMagic 7 can load them directly.

SrI have uesd Family tree maker for 10 yrs and tried to down load i am 78 yrs old How can i get a up date. That was almost a year ago — and MacKiev has now made good maksr that promise. Have you received the update email yet?

Hi Keith — Thanks so much for your directions. I had no trouble upgrading with the Mac version, to include the Plan notes.

Upgrade Center

View charts and reports and share with friends and family. The first Family Tree Maker edition under our own steam is here! We had no issues updating our copy.

It converted my previously downloaded trees from Ancestry and reconnected and synced. You will have to upgrade to FTM to get syncing again. It will ask you if you already made a backup of your tree—make sure you do that first.

Replacement Center

The Ancestry servers might be busy with all the people trying out their new versions of FTM! Now I have to figure out how to get them linked without uploading them to Ancestry since they are already there. I still recommend Family Tree Maker, but the newest version, FTMhas not been released yet due familt problems syncing ulgrade Ancestry. You will also receive two emails: Should have found a FTM replacement in instead of being lead to this dead end in I am using Windows 10 and have been running FTM for quite a while now.

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