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Having the anime feel and characters that you know and love is an added bonus. Additionally, FusionFall is grounded in a re-imagined version of the Cartoon Network Universe, offering players a unique experience that is familiar yet still filled with new adventure, characters, settings and experiences. Cartoon Network Studios Platforms: The game now has a total number of 40 nanos. The Amulet of Time Samurai Jack:

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Vilgax Attacks Camp Lazlo: January 14, Developed by: Pillars of Eternity II: Cartoon Network portal Video games portal s portal. Retrieved February 20, Powerpuff Girls Z characters episodes reboot characters Bliss episodes.

This game has unused graphics. Fueionfall, expanded content to be added regularly. Rex then takes the player inside a Providence evo containment center inappropriately named the "Petting Zoo.

FusionFall Legacy

Beasts of the 5th Sun. Some NPCs had me delivering fruit and gum. It contained a four-month subscription, as well as a game guide, T-shirt if bought from GameStopand exclusive outfits and weapons for the player's character.

A second beta began on December 5,and ended on December 7, The open beta testing began on November 14,available to anyone with an account on Cartoon Network's website. Cartoon Network UniverseStory. Adventure, combat and exploration lie in every direction!

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Major Glory then warps you to Rainicorn Bridge. Instead, they gather a loose analog known as fusion matter which has multiple purposes through defeating enemies and completing missions, and upon collecting enough can perform a mission to raise their level, but as of February 16, fusion matter acts more like experience as players can now perform multiple nano missions every four levels.

Events for holidays stretched from two weeks to several months; some rolled directly from one to the other. Curse of the Moon. Free accounts could only play in the "future" portion of the game, which only allows players to collect four Nanos and create two characters.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

However, as the game developed, the original series ended, and a more successful and lore-rich series, Ben Their character univrese viewed from a third person perspective, viewing the HUD, and the range of movement consists of walking in any direction and a short-distance jump.

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The game used the Unity engine as its nehwork technology basis, and was one of the first major releases utilizing this technology. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall - Wikipedia

It's designed to be enjoyable for players who have a limited time in which to play. A choice of one of four characters, Ben TennysonDexterEddor Mojo Jojowas available as a guide after players had completed Level Four of the game.

Cartoon Network video games.

Now it's invading the Cartoon Network Universe, creating evil character clones and corrupting the world. Retrieved from " https: Initially, the game required a paid subscription to play.

Through a partnership with online child protection specialist Crisp Thinking, FusionFall will be integrated with the Crisp NetModerator system, providing the most complete suite of safety features the industry has to offer in an online game for kids. This nano, although not a Cartoon Network Show or Character Johnny Test from his titular serieswould instead have its personality downloaded for a limited time into the Unstable Nano.

Retrieved from " http: Playing past Level Five originally required a monthly paid subscription in the form of redeemable cards that could be purchased at participating retailers.

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