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Its functionality is the same, providing comprehensive reviews and forums, as well as an impressive index of various beer bars complete with geolocation sorting. Official companion app to the Borefts Beer Festival As is the case with Beers, Beer Tasting Journal is an extremely simple beer tracking app. While this isn't necessarily a beer app, it is an app which you can use to check into all of those tap houses and breweries you're visiting or should be visiting and then interact with others in the social community of the service, whether it's rating their check-in posts or discussing something you had at one of your own check-ins, like that new IPA you tried for the first time and absolutely loved.

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5 Apps Every Beer Lover Needs On Their Phone :: Drink :: Lists :: Paste

Available for Apple and Android. We've put together a list of 10 of the best beer apps to take into consideration. It has a stylish yet also intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, and it has useful information about each beer such as beer type, Brewery name, the ABV and IBU values, as well as a sstar rating system so you know hoh well-liked that beer may be.

Improvements - New Profile editor with ability to change birthday Fixes - Adding photos to list items - Start screen stretched on taller devices - Duplicate friends shown on toast list Issues or feedback? You can even have orders refilled and you can track orders once they're on the way.

My Beer Nation is like the local who knows where the nearest brewery is, what time it closes and whether or not they serve hot pretzels.

Thankfully, there are a few apps on the Play Store which make it possible for you to keep track of all of the different beers you try. It also has a check-in function that's built on Foursquare, so others can see where you had that beer of choice in the photo you just took. You can also rate and review your beers in the app and attach photos for others to see what the beer looks like.

Once you find beers that you like and have tried, you can also rate them in the app and engage with other users through the social community. The app also records a history of the breweries you visit so you can have a beer journal.

Best Beer Tracking apps for Android | Phandroid

The app is free and available for download on iOS and Android. Anddroid for Business lets customers manage their beer list on the go!

This is THE app to use if you like keeping track of all of the different beers that you taste. BreweryMap is available on both iOS and Android.

Email An Insider Tip. This app boasts an extensive archive of more than 4, alp across the world, which is why many beer aficionados consider myBeerNation the best app of its kind. SipSnapp also comes with other neat features, such as allowing users to take a photo of a brewery's menu, select the sorts of beers they're interested in, and get recommendations. If you're new to beer or just aren't used to finding new ways to interact with it via your smartphone, there are actually quite a few apps on Android that you can use if you fancy yourself a beer fan.

Lastly, Untappd also works aandroid a beer journal, keeping track of the beers you liked or disliked based on your ratings.

The list is far from comprehensive; it only works if bars sign up for the service. It lets you create menus of different beers that will be on offer and list anything from details about the brew to what a pint will cost upon ordering. This is another basic beer tracking app, but Beer Tasting Journal offers a bit more flexibility in the review department. Although we would like to see some online integration, but Beers androidd still a great way to keep track of your beer collection.

Best Apps and Games. You might not have heard of Drizly before, and if not that's ok, as they're admittedly only supporting a smaller set of locations at the moment. The whole app is revolving around specific drinks, allowing users to check in with their individual beverage.

Top 10: Best Beer Apps For Android - October 2016

Is good for one thing, and one thing only: It's got a sizable collection of beers from all kinds of breweries from around the globe, as well as detailed information about the beer such as type, ABV and IBU. It also houses other useful information about beer like local beer events and such. Starting off this list is an app called Elixir, which is aimed at helping you discover new drinks that you might enjoy. We picked five that will help you find your next pint and let you know what that pint will probably taste like.

Elixir Starting anddoid this list is an app called Elixir, which is aimed at helping you discover new drinks that you might enjoy.

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