6 stroke engine ppt

Reduction of chemical, noise and thermal pollution. The benefit of fewer moving parts and design is claimed to lead to lower manufacturing costs. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This lead to very smooth operation at low speed without any significant effects on consumption and the emission of pollutants, the combustion not being affected by the engine speed. Archived from the original PDF on

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Multifuel par excellence, it can use the most varied fuels, of any origin fossil or vegetablefrom diesel to L. A to Z of British Stationary Engines. During the combustion and the air heating processes, the valves could open under the pressure within the chambers. The engine is named double pistons because of its construction - double pistons and crankshafts.

Recompression of pure into the combustion chamber. The designers consider this to be a five-stroke design, regarding the simultaneous HP exhaust stroke and LP expansion stroke as a single stroke.


Go to Application Have a question? Release of combustion gases in the cylinder. These designs use two pistons per cylinder operating at different rates, with combustion occurring between the pistons.

During 3rd and 4th stroke the temperature of the pure compressed air in the heating chamber is raised sharply by heat exchange from combustion chamber.: Meanwhile, a second chamber, which blankets the combustion chamber, has its air content heated to a high degree by heat passing through the cylinder wall. The second piston may be used to replace the valve mechanism of a conventional engine, which may reduce mechanical complexity and enable an increased compression ratio by eliminating hotspots ejgine would otherwise limit compression.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. The combustion chambers walls are glowing when the engine is emgine.

Furthermore, the use of fuels other than gasoline would greatly reduce the risks of explosion. A dozen more similar patents have syroke issued since. These designs use two or 4, 6, 8 cylinders with a conventional Otto four-stroke cycle. This gives six power strokes per revolution of the shaft spread across a pair of pistons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Only improvements of the current technology lpt help it progress within reasonable time and financial limits. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. According to its mechanical design, the six-stroke engine with external and internal combustion and double flow is similar to the actual internal reciprocating combustion engine.

To avoid this, a piston is installed on both valve shafts which compensate this pressure. Only two known examples of a Griffin six-stroke engine survive. Valve 1 is open. The second approach to the six-stroke engine uses a second opposed piston in each cylinder that moves at half the strokf rate of the main piston, thus giving six piston movements per cycle.

Six-stroke engine - Wikipedia

An allied with the so-responsive pickup and a wide spread of usable power, opt the bike ridiculously easy to ride. The term six-stroke engine has been applied to a number of alternative internal combustion engine designs that attempt to improve on traditional two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Methanol-petrol mixture is also recommended. Any even number of pistons can be used, in stoke or X configurations; the three lobes of the cams can be replaced by any other odd number greater than one; and the geometry of the cams can be changed to suit the needs of the target fuels and applications of the engines.

The pistons in this type of six-stroke engine go up and down three times for each injection of fuel. The compression ratios can be increased because of the absent of hot spots and the rate of change in volume during the critical combustion period is less than in a Four stroke.

Intake of pure air in the cylinder. The specific power of the six-stroke engine will not be less than that of a four-stroke petrol engine, the increase in thermal efficiency compensating for the issue due to the two additional strokes.


Split-single I2 V2 F2. The Crower six-stroke engine was an experimental design that attracted media attention in because of an interview given by the year-old American inventorwho has applied for a patent on his design. The exhaust gases are removed as in the classical two-stroke engine, by exhaust windows in the cylinder.

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