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All packages offer an unlimited supply of the essential services available, which you would find in most other social media management platforms and automated bots. They are the only platform that appears to offer essential services for free — they have two packages: TweetFull is for you TweetFull is a tried and tested growth tool by over 40, businesses.

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Check out the 14 day FREE trial.

Agora Pulse has given a decent level of automation for me without it feeling spammy. They have been in the game for almost ten years, so will know a thing or two about marketing and promoting a social media business page. Agora Pulse differs autto previously talked about tools as it is a manager and xuto across all social media platforms, so not technically a Twitter bot, but some aspects of it are automated.

You simply sign up for their services online, and then they take over from twwet. Engage Tweets by Keywords Add a new promotion to engage with people who Tweet Keywords and hashtags twret your choice. Suggested a smallbusiness to start using http: Check out TweetFull http: Another difference as you go up the scale is the ads — they offer 10 ad campaigns per account with the medium package, so Agora Pulse is heavy on promotion and marketing.

With this in mind, they might be one of the most reliable sources to outsource engagement on your Twitter business account.

Best Twitter Bots & Automation Software (2018)

Manage Flitter is a semi-automated social media platform that primarily leaves the power in your hands to manage your accounts with as much control as possible. There are a few ways in which Tweet Full works to promote your profile efficiently.

While they offer automation in some areas like scheduling tweets at optimal times, they alternatively provide you with sleek and innovative software that allows you to manage one or many Twitter accounts all from the same platform. All bo little features combine to create a robust and active platform that quickly enables you to work on promoting your business in the right ways and towards the bbot people.

Find Potential Customers Tell us about the keywords, Hashtags and phrases common to your industry. The electronic side of things is limited to scheduling posts and moderating data, so the rest is up to you and the friendly team. Leverage tens of filters twweet TweetFull offers to get precisely those people you want.

They do this by liking and automatically re-tweeting recent tweets they have posted, which immediately draws engagement. You fit these two categories into a range of criteria that lay them out for you in an easy to understand way, helping you work out exactly who is still worth following and promoting your business to.

TweetFull - Automatically like, auto retweet and auto follow Tweets relevant to your niche

When TweetFull engages customers on your behalf they will, out of curiosity, come to check out your brand or website and you can convert them auyo. Customizable You are in control!

TweetFull is a tried and tested growth tool by over 40, businesses. Human interaction is required to develop an audience, however most daily repetitive Twitter activities can be automated to stay consistent and autto precious time. Using search technology and hashtags, TweSocial works on building an effective marketing strategy that fits right into your specific Twitter account and who it is your brand is trying to target. It is all automated without your intervention.

I got these results just during the free trial.

Start your free trial! Today the team is located in Canada, passionate about development and support with a great interest in Internet marketing. Like most other social media platforms, hashtags are an excellent source of searching out potential customers and connecting with like-minded people in aut Twittersphere. Use TweetDeck to read tweets, reply to conversations and make a connection with your fan base. Worker is responsible for storing, selecting and executing tasks to your Twitter account.

This renders it as natural of a process as possible, eliminating the twee of being seen as spamming potential customers.


Find out more on the Features page. Unfollow Do you follow a lot of people whom you should not? On behalf of you and your Twitter account, they take the hashtag process one step further by interacting directly with those potential customers hweet have sought out.

The second way they work to promote your business is through engaging your targets. Find the right audience and provide them value.

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