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Joined Wed Jan 27, 2: Even maps need programming language knowledge. I will update this thread with new videos and links as they are made. Favourite OS Real Life.

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All views expressed in these forums are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the BetaArchive site owner. Your name or email address: Sat Jul 03, 8: I do this with people's quake mods all the time for fun.

Solitdue was just hoping that if their was enough interest, they may give it a second shot. Aug 29, looking up at the stars. Added a new trailer for Halo Revamped, that should be releasing soon! For a starting project, solittude were doing great, with updates every month and many supporters, but they didn't get nearly as much fans as the original project. Again, let me see if I can't squeeze out some time to put out a release. Even maps need programming language knowledge.

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I was going to release it to the public months ago, but I forgot it. This looks very good! Like i said, this is a "Reborn" project, the old Solitude was another project made by Flaming ice, but solitue was cancelled, and it was nearly finished besides campaign, even though it didn't look very good.

I just checked your link, this is not Gateway? Page 1 of 1. Here is my todo: Joined Wed Jan 27, 2: It just takes time and effort, though the game looks almost finished anyway!

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Alright, I hoped I sparked some of your interest. I thought I'd just let you know. This format will not work in submission titles.

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Al iniciar el juego te mostrara un errorno pasa nada, apreta Start. Is it going to be in. Please keep all spoilers out of submission titles for link and text posts. None of this was anything from our project.

[WIP] Halo Solitude & Halo Revamped 3DS Port

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Favourite OS Real Life. Mon Jul 12, 5: BlastedGuyZolitude 23,in forum: I remember seeing gameplay of solitude way back when, didn't know it was never released as I didn't keep up with it due to not owning a PSP.

This doesn't take advantage of hardware acceleration, right?

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