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Mafia and a staff producer for Casa Productions. Focusing on subjects such as the post-communist Romanian political class, poverty and crime in Romania 's communist-built housing projects or their recurring hostility towards Romanian Police , they were subsequently banned from many mainstream T. In a interview, Oncescu claimed that the reason he parted ways with Mafia was a financial misunderstanding. It was the first B. Archived from the original on

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The album's success attracted pop icon Loredana Groza 's interest for a collaboration. One hit single wasn't enough for B.

Mafia collaborators over time. Refusing to take into account that the violent lyrics were not actually performed in a public place, the Romanian Police forces arrested the five artists, charging them with outrage against good customs. Hip hop Gangsta rap Hardcore hip hop. Influenced by the massive discreditation campaign started by the Romanian media after the success of 's De cartierthe album was very liberal and experimental with production and songwriting techniques for its time in Romanian music.

Accompanied by the group's first official music video, the album is often categorized as their darkest work to this day.

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Problems playing this file? A mafiia of notable changes occurred after the release of the second volume of the "Viata Noastra" Our Life best-of series.

Following Demeter's bandmate's decision to form another group besides Demonii, the two parted ways and Demeter joined Black Underground in May Mafia's last release on Cat Music, their home label for over 14 years, as the group went independent from The group released Mafia in late and, since music distribution rokania virtually nonexistent in Romania at the time, the album was only available for a relatively short period of time in Bucharestbecoming valuable fan memorabilia over time.

It was the first B.

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Tataee wanted the group to re-record the vocals for every song that was to be romwnia on the album, while he produced new beats for the updated versions of the tracks.

The group left Cat Music, the record company that had catapulted them to superstardom 14 years earlier, which had been their distribution company since they had made the switch to Casa Productions in late Mafia continued to work throughout and, after the impressive success one of their concerts in Bucharest had, they were invited by TV host Mihai Tatulici to talk about their work and history in a special edition of his talk show. This page mafja last edited on 19 Octoberat As Romania was still a fairly conservative country romaniaa the mids, the Romanian penal code forbad the use of profanity in public places.

Retrieved May 20, The paperwork was finalized in and the newly formed Casa Productions entered the Romanian music market a year later, when the group released the B.

Mafia is frequently quoted among Romanian hip hop historians as the third hip hop album to be released in Romaniaafter R. Focusing on subjects such as the post-communist Romanian political class, poverty and crime in Romania 's communist-built housing projects bub their recurring hostility towards Romanian Policethey were subsequently banned from many mainstream T.

The group had been interested in founding a record label since the late s so they could obtain more creative control in producing their own music romanua also sign and develop new artists. Tataee, who was still in highschool, had been interested in becoming a professional musician sincewhen, under the stage name Doom, he had produced an independent demo called "Straight Outta da Hell", stirring Caddillac's interest, as he was also an amateur recording artist working under the name MC La Duc and had recorded a track titled "Apocalipse" on his own earlier in Mafia - Viata Noastra feat.

Retrieved September 10, After releasing their debut album, controversy surrounded the group regarding recurring use of violent and sexual lyrics and profanity.

A commercial failure, it sold just over 1, units and it led to the group's disbanding and the release from their contract in Mafia - Part 1 - YouTube. Since hip hop was just emerging as a music genre in Romania in the early s, studio time mafja stage performance opportunities were relatively limited, so the group had to rely on the restricted prospects that presented themselves to record more songs.

In Decemberthey met Alin Demeter, who at the time performed under the stage name Drama and was a member of Demonii The Demonsone of the few local rap acts who performed in Romanian. Retrieved May 18, The legal incident that had occurred in February reflected in the album's sales, as it moved an impressive 55, units with no music video or radio single promoting it. They were eventually released after 10 hours of giving statements at the police station and district attorney's office in Turnu Severin.

Mafia Romanian hip hop.

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