28 days later the aftermath

It hurts me to leave a bad review for this Graphic Novel because I am such a big fan of the movie "28 Days Later". There must be some means by which the infected distinguish their own from the uninfected, but Baker's discovery doesn't answer much. Steve Niles is a film producer and writer of screenplays including the classic 30 Days of Night which is being made into a film produced by the legendary Sam Raimi for release in October Nov 27, Jennifer Juffer rated it it was ok Shelves: Published 1 year ago.

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Hugh shoots the vehicle until he ignites its petrol tank, killing the Infected.

Preview — 28 Days Later by Steve Niles. This page was last edited on 17 Marchat The twist to this story is there's someone else in the city doing the same thing, and the two men don't play well together. Kate sends Selena and Clint to Halkirk to search for antibiotics in what she tells them is a pharmacy; however, it turns out that she sent them to recover her son, Douglas.

Seeing the contagion's effects, Clint decided to approach Selena at the refugee camp. Nov 20, Jacquelyn rated it it was ok Shelves: Berkley Street Series Books 1 - 9: Thw and Clint are eventually reunited as the infection once again breaks out in London, and successfully escape across to France via boat.

Jan 11, Jordan Rowe rated it really liked it.

28 Days Later The Aftermath, Stage 3: Decimation

A family making desperate choices as they struggle to survive the Infection's initial outbreak Two troubled but highly intelligent scientists, Clive and Warren, attempt to create an anti-aggression inhibitor, first using an utterly insane criminal and then monkeys as test thf. While not a bad ending by any means it totally deserved a 5th chapter to flesh things out a little more. Selena and Clint are both taken to London, which is being repopulated by British refugees who had escaped during the outbreak, under NATO supervision.

The first was the detailed description of how the Rage virus was created human error, of course and the surrounding characters of the section. The three are captured by U.

28 Days Later: The Aftermath

The Aftermath is a movie tie-in to the popular film 28 Days Later. Instead, Sophie kisses him, and then shoots him in the head. Eventually, Hugh convinces Sid, Sophie, and Clive that the military has ulterior motives and that they must escape.

It is implied that the chimp is one of the animal test subjects freed by the eco-terrorists, as seen at the start of the film 28 Days Later. Also, I had a problem with the fact they used different artisits.

Unfortunately, Selena is forced to kill Hirsch when he is bitten by Infected, leading Trina, his lover, to hold a psychotic vendetta against her. The news on the radio is dire, announcing that the virus has engulfed the city of London and that a state of emergency has come into effect, but the signal cuts to static.

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Stephen Arvidson Top Contributor: The Art of War. See our Returns Aftermqth. It alternated between art like an actual comic and having images based upon photographs, almost like movie stills, with colors applied to them.

28 Days Later: The Aftermath by Steve Niles

Aug 08, Dys Duffy rated it it was ok. A lone gunslinging survivor battling the Infected in a decimated London The first stage begins a little over two weeks before the Original Outbreak in Britain. Por suerte para el cuarto aftermtah ultimo capitulo regresa Calero para salvar la patria. There must be some means by which the infected distinguish their own from the uninfected, but Baker's discovery doesn't answer much. Hugh then kills the Infected, and realises from how the perfume attracted him that the Infected use their sense of smell to find the uninfected, and that trace amounts of perfume and shampoo will attract them to the source.

Other books in the series.

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