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The Games Factory 1. I've never finished this game. However, Softendo tried inserting an anti-Trojan system, which didn't turn out to be really successful. The main feature of the game is ship and pilot selector.

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Small unfinished platform game project from year.

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Upgraded and enchanced with better graphics and details in year. Colorful platform game similiar to Super Mario Bros created in year. Collecting coins, jumping into the pipes, hidden levels - there are still here! Myster Muszel is a simple platform game from year.

Green Koopa Troopas and Red Spinies' speed corever decreased. Super Mario Forever Flash You playing as a Bjziol Blob - the green jelly guy which moves per grid. It's also infamous for have introduced the bad-looked World of Stupidity. Entire game engine firstly was created in Games Factory but in few months I rewrited the engine to Game Maker 6. This version has been lost This version doesn't contain anything new, apart unfortunately a lot of bugs appearing in various levels.

Is buzioo proalpha game project from early with interesting fresh look to the platform mouse movement. Sign In Don't have an account? Up arrow and jump keys bug has been fixed. Since this version the game has got many viruses.

New Super Mario Forever You main objective is to collect oscar faces. Game project created in Macromedia Flash Flex script language, created, finished and relased in year.

Mario Forever

Enter to world of New Super Mario Forever fight on eight large maps filled with plenty of levels and secret stages. Mario Forever Galaxy My first step to 3D games creating. Your main objective is to reach the right side of the stage. The Ending Cutscene no longer has counters on screen.

Another unfinished game project, started in year by me.

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Game Maker Language 5. The main feature of the game is ship and pilot selector.

This version of Mario Forever got drastic changes in musics, transitions and plenty of bugs. Game is unfinished and has only one buziil stage. Heliforce is a game project dated to 1.

An old game project, one of the first of the firstest, almost at the beginning of my Game making adventure in year on PC. Arrow keys - Flying.

Arcade sniper - my first full buzil game project. Game has also renewed graphics and much better scrolling in comparison to the original Mario. Probably the most known older version. Jump over obstacles, collect coins, and beat stage.

Not special effects, no annoying things, pure classic feel, play redtro version of Mario Forever, file dedicated for MF fans.

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