Bridge hands to play

An entry-shifting trump squeeze involving a seemingly unnecessary finesse in trumps — but if you follow the play of this incredible deal closely, you will see that the contract would have had no chance if declarer had cashed the ace of spades before leading through East's queen. You should play spades first after taking the first trick with the king of hearts and you should lead the jack. The opponents lead the queen of spades. Let's try this one: Introduction to Declarer's Play Sure Tricks at Notrump The game of bridge revolves around the bidding for and the taking of tricks.

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As a general rule, whenever you have a bunch of good tricks in a suit that is unevenly divided, you should play the high card s from the short side first.

Bridge hand of the year: an extaordinary play

Key Pointers About Establishing Tricks 1 When playing a hand as declarer, know how many tricks you must take to fulfill your contract. Therefore, you should play hearts first.

You can lead from either hand because you have the same number of cards on both sides. In other words, hansd should get three tricks from this suit. The traveller shows the contract, lead, result and percentage at each table e. If both you and your dummy have two cards in one suit, the most tricks you can take in that suit is two.

Document opens in Adobe Reader. Then, when you played a heart, West would take that trick with the ace of hearts plsy the next trick with the ten of diamonds.

You now have twelve sure tricks instead of nine, because you can add those extra three heart tricks to your total once the ace has been removed. But if you were to play the king or the queen or jack from dummy and drive out the ace, you could establish two spade tricks for yourself.

Bridge hand of the year: an extaordinary play | Sport | The Guardian

In clubs, you would play the jack first from your own hand and then play a little one over to the ace, king, and queen in dummy. Things would be exactly the same if the lead were in our hand. Let's try this one: In dummy we have the A 4 3 of spades, and in our own hand we have the K 5 2. When you must give up the lead to take a trick, you go establishing tricks, which leads us to a new topic.

When playing equal cards from the dummy, it doesn't matter which one you play first, because the opponents can see the dummy. Now how many sure tricks do you have in spades?

Bridge - 4 hands

Here is a collection of intermediate-level problems in bidding, declarer play, and defense for you to practice and improve your game. Let's pretend the final contract was three notrump and West, your left-hand opponent, led the king of spades.

You should play the jack first. You should lead the king from your own hand. In this case, when you have played the king and are about to lead the seven over to the dummy, it doesn't matter if you play the jack, queen, or ace; they are all the same.

If it takes the trick, you continue with spades until one of your opponents plays the ace. Jack of spades In each exercise: The game of bridge revolves around the bidding for and the taking of tricks. Then you can take all of your tricks at once. Lets take a simple example: If the score is not on the sheet, say South made 13 tricks for hhands score of West must have discarded his Ace!


Therefore, if the lead is in the dummy, we must play the eight of spades over to our king and then the seven back to the dummy. Solutions a You have seven paly tricks and you can establish three more in spades. On most hands you must give up the lead two or three times.

Therefore, it is important that you see that by taking your sure tricks too quickly, you give up control in the suit, and--even worse--you establish tricks for your opponents. If you have the ace, king, and queen of spades and you play the queen, naturally it will take the trick, but your opponents will know that you still have the king and ace. Solutions a Two tricks. Let's say you play the ace; then the queen must be played from dummy.

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