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So if you do that, you make it more complicated to get the laptop usable again If you have had a firmware backup from an identical donor saved on your computer, you can run the SA L-Format for several times directly, then to upload the identical firmware first the tracks and then the modules ; if you do not have an identical firmware, you can try to download the tracks and modules from the target drive repeatedly until success, then to run an SA L-Format, then upload back the tracks first and then modules that you downloaded, then Reset HDD Power and re-enter the program to run a Defect Scan again; please remember that you must maintain the power supply while doing this until you finish the uploading of the firmware. How long will it take to run self-scan and how to make sure it is complete? If one module is non-available under current directory, it will be displayed in gray and you can t select such module; If there is not all modules available when you make backup from the primary modules of the donor, and you made a supplement from the secondary modules of the donor, you can then upload modules from the primary modules folder 0 first and then the missing ones from the secondary modules folder 1 in order to make sure the integrity of the firmware modules please refer to the NOTE of Backup FW chapter.

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August 16th,9: For internet FTP usage. Display posts from previous: It can easily fix the firmware problem by replacing the corrupted firmware modules with the good ones from an identical donor. We reserve the right to make technical changes. In case the drive is in a good condition, only there are a few bad sectors, but you cannot add any of them in to the defect list or the partition information cannot be saved after the HDD partitioning, you can use this Write Test function to verify if the drive becomes read-only means it becomes write-protected.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. User Manual August 18, - v1.

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August Copyright and Trademarks The information docttor the product in this manual is subject. HD Doctor for Hitachi. There are many bad sectors detected after Rewrite Servo and it is very slow when scanning defects, how to recover it? For other head, you could directly modify the configuration of heads in ROM. Then depop a head, remaining 0.

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Bad sectors that are actually added in the P-List finally will be less than bad sectors found, because if there are more than 5 sequential bad sectors found on one track, the program will be added the track as defect track in the defective track list. It is very w that you More information. For those drives that cannot complete Rewrite Servo process, we can simply classify them into two types: Please follow these instructions to take full advantage of its features.

Please read these instructions carefully before use. Before you run the Defect Repair, you will need to: For data recovery from drives with bad sectors, you need our Power Data Extractor PRO find more information on our website. First, we've had customer dd for a way to locate the computer farther from the firearm, on the other side of More information.

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Logical Malfunctions Partition More information. This enables the HDD repair tools suite - HD Doctor hs to support more hard drive models, including some that are brand new on the market.

First, we've had customer requests for a way to locate the computer farther from the firearm, on the other side of. You can restore the image file to the Docyor. SATA cable 1 pc 9.

If there are some primary modules that ud damaged or incorrect, but meantime the same modules in xoctor secondary modules are OK, you can use the wc modules to fix the relevant primary modules; detailed operations please read introductions of Defect Repair below. User s Manual Version: If there is more product doctr needed, you could contact us through our official website at or Your inquiries and suggestions are warmly welcomed. The first type is the drives that are able to complete the TKS Track Servo process; for this kind of drives, you can first perform an HDD L-Format to, then a Leaping Scan and add defective sectors found into the defect list.

The following practices is NOT for data recovery use, your data on the target drive may be totally damaged if you perform one of the following; they are applicable only when you are repairing a drive without data When there are error modules found in the Defect Scan carried out towards the primary modules, and these error modules can not be fixed even by uploading modules from an identical donor after you upload the relevant modules and run a Defect Scan, still the fof are reported errorthis means that there are bad sectors in the SA; bad sectors in the SA it is also called firmware zone can be fixed by the following two methods based on different situations: Features and specifications are subject to change without.

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Firmware repository maintained officially and by third parties which is needed when using HD doctor is continually updated for new drives added to the support list, and you can download them as needed from us. Doing this you will receive many bad sectors that are originally imprisoned in the P-List; but when there is sign of ERR shown when you run a View Defects, it means the defect list has been corrupted, you have no choice but to clear it.

At last, carry out HDD Rebuild. In such case, we can choose Leaping Scan as it will automatically recognize continuous bad sectors and treat the whole track as a bad track.

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