Automobile engineering ppt

Oil Filter 89 Lubrication pumps: Tata Safari, Sumo Grande What it does? Circular tube with longitudinal slit. The Body is made as a separate unit and then joined with ladder frame.

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On the Basis of Load: A body-shell is normally fabricated either by spot-welding the panels, pillars and pressings together to form a strong box, or by buildings a skeleton or space frame which provides a high structural strength.

Topless cars are difficult ;pt design with the frameless construction. Front engine, front wheel drive Front engine, rear wheel drive configuration has the advantage of better weight distribution. Basis On the Basis of Wheels Two wheeler vehicle, for example: Position of Engine Engine in Front Most of the vehicles have engine in the front.

The driver and passengers are enclosed in a rigid cell for their safety. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

On the basis of Fuel Used Petrol vehicle, e.

Atkinson Engine 51 Radial Engine: The floor and roof panels resist the sagging effect caused by the weight of the occupants. If the damage is more, the bent frame member may be heated to straighten it. Mufflers PowerPoint Presentation: Absorbs heat from the cylinder wall. Six wheeler vehicle, for example: Is controlled by the thermostat switch. This makes diesel engines high torque rather than high horsepower, and that tends to make diesel cars slow in terms of acceleration.

The engine is usually located over or just in front of the front axle.


The monthly sales of passenger Cars in India exceed ,units. Fifth wheel coupling is the swivel mechanism used to attach the trailer to the tractor unit Articulated vehicle further classified as: Splash system 82 Pressure system: Plunger pump 93 Vane pump: Compared to framed construction lower body position may be obtained, thus resulting in increased stability of the automobile.

Actual valve timing diagram: Supercharger It takes power from engine to compress the air by using belt drive. Direct Injection Indirect Injection. Water Jackets Surrounds the cylinders with water passage.


Radial Engine 52 Animation of radial engine: Automobile Industry is undergoing. Diesel engines, because of the weight and compression ratio, tend to have lower maximum RPM ranges than gasoline engines. This may be checked by means of plumb line. It also keeps the chassis height low. Go to Application Have a question? Component attachment points are reinforced with thicker section. Coolant flow is through the bypass hose and the water jackets.

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