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It also alerts for mobile camera zones for some states including mine; South Australia. It would help people here if Peter could supply the name of the owner and last known contact details. Ok OG when i last tried, i got this web site is for sale , may be like you said it's got its' head web site mixed up wait and see cheers Z. I have listed in my personal POI and my list is not complete!

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Again, I was a mere employee there but had nothing to do with ownership or anything else and left more than a year ago! I just downloaded the safety cameras for Victoria and it came up with just But if there was an open source list in.

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I can live with the RC or SC etc. If not i guess they have to be converted somewhere along the way edit — also at POIDB redligbt would be nice if you could download all the petrol stations in one go or as appears to be the case, individually each brand.

If you need to check speed limits for particular cameras, Google Ppoi is your friend — zoom into street view and walk along until tarmin find a speed sign. I have standards and ethics and disappointed in the the posts of some here, potentially dirty an innocent man's name for 30 bucks Found contact numbers in Sydney and Melbourne — the Sydney one no longer exists, the Melbourne one claimed to know nothing and hung up.

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I'd suggest if Peter Girgis wants to be helpful, he could provide who would be the best contact for those that pii having problems with the company he used to work for. Same thing happened to me. That is black spots, cameras, schools, mobile camera, railway, country town speed changes at entry warnings.

I started mine last Thursday. To create a file, open Notepad in your accessories of Windows. The maximum proximity distance you can set in the "manual" mode is 37 miles.

This radar redlught automatically crowdsources speed traps. They were all legitimate companies and distributed roadangel products, Navigon and more.

It won't make camrra iota of difference to the rest of the issues, going by what you say. There is one here; http: This is a clear false statement and in no way from his experiences can he deduce I own the company It's not actually a clear statement to start with as I read it, so I don't see how it can be a clear false statement.

I also tried out the garmin cyclops trial the other night and I like how it gives you a warning tone and also what speed limit the camera is in. Archive View Return to standard view. This implies that I own the company and this is not correct. Just brilliant and support is fantastic.

Search the internet for more information on ID3 tags for. Ok OG when i last tried, i got this web site is for salemay be like you said it's got its' head web site mixed up wait redligth see cheers Z zakdog.

That is a long long way short of listing all cameras in Victoria. For example, on a 65 mph freeway, I have an alert set at 72 mph. The Garmin GPI format is a wrapper that includes all resources related files — ie. However, in some units this is not an option.

I used to develop and manage the following websites for the company and you should be able to determine the companies form these URLs I am sure. I thought that too. Or this site http: I was simply an employee. When you are finished, you then press "next" and the POI's will automatically be downloaded into your Garmin unit. Wouldn't be the first time a company owner had someone else register details in their name.

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