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You can ask your queries to our experts below. Reading English newspaper will help you to understand the language better. Sentence Correction Sentence correction questions are based upon the fundamentals or basics of English language.

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Do regular practice with time.

Teach Kindly Register at the Tutor panel. Are you preparing to take the bank probationary officer examination? Try to find out clue from pronouns, adverbs, article, definers, connectors, etc. First attempt questions which can be solved directly. Link the previous and next sentences. V Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence and Reasoning Gold medalist Masters in Engineering, Gayathri brings a fresh perspective to speed, accuracy and attention to detail in her students.

Rohit Sir, as his trainees fondly call him as an Engineer whose passion is for numbers and in teaching. Joint Admission Test for M. Questions related to this section can be asked in reading comprehension section or separately too.

The continuous and weekly tests helped me to check my progress and also to compare with the peers which tends me to practice more than enough. Download Sample Study Material.

They will provide you the best possible solution. Thus my overall progress increases a lot during the training and my experience is useful.

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Give more time to the toughest sections. In these questions you have to rearrange the parts of sentences to form a meaningful sentence. Then you are on the right page. Thanks to TalentSprint mateial to help me reach my goals.


Learn all the rules for converting Direct Indirect Speech. In this section, candidates need to convert an active voice sentence to a passive voice sentence or vice-versa. While you watch English channels it will let you understand the accent.

Read the sentences carefully and find what is being talked about in the paragraph. Learn all the rules for converting Direct Indirect Speech Tenses Questions regarding the right use of tense are asked in English section. Understand the sentence formation rules and also improve your sentence formation. materrial

In this section, candidates have to correct the wrong sentence given in the question. To be honest I have not fully utilized all the videos but as the videos are so organized, it was easy to select a video on particular subject.

Be carefully with noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article, and tenses. Solve English Test Series: Login here By Joining you agree Terms and Conditions. And the videos during mains about the essay writing This will help mqterial to improve your knowledge in case of tenses.

Bank Exams - Byjus.

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Always talk in English with your friends, family members or any other else. Sylvia is a combination of Energy, Expertise and Experience. Read the passage thoroughly.

Her highly engaging sessions have helped job seekers shun their inhibitions in English and helped them march confidently towards their goals.

Questions regarding the right use of tense materiall asked in English section.

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