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Every year, the annual ice cream circuit is held to see which of the skilled race car drivers is worthy of the gold medal. Grand Prix Story Price: It comes with different difficulties based on your skill level. Upgrade your fuel tank, control, engine and lots more in order to achieve mad tr

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Drive your car in an abandoned city full of zombies and the undead! This is a bumpy physics based computer themed racer with a lot of color and a lot of style. Little Bear is a cutie that likes to gear up and go toe to toe with the big boys and their big toys in this fun game of avoiding the obstacles and smashing the other racers off the road!

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Race to the top of the hill, what's stopping you! However, it's still not a bad game. Scattered throughout a series of linear levels are all the stars from all the constellations. Park the cars in a world filed with pedestrians, angry bosses and huge Dinosaurs!

All of the drivers are insane, and are quick to run you off of the road if you get in their way. However, there are some actual racing mechanics in the game as well.

15 best racing games for Android

Unless you talk ab Or is your idea of great car-related sport to enter an arena, using your driving skills to crush other gladiators into the gas soaked sand? Optimize teaching level, Easier to control Add 3 cars, cool and performance More free video to get coins Remove some advertisement.

It's never too late for these old car models to get new engines, new shocks, and a brand new set of wheels! They are an active criminal syndicate, and that means that they are capable and culpable of the worst crimes! The next level of road rage is Freeway Fury!

Drive your awesome truck to the furthest distance possible! This unique stunt car racing game is the best stunt game, so get ready to feel the urge for super fun stunts. Maazing, Vector Unit's racing games are the best non-freemium racing games on Android, probably. If you love to feel a rolling, rumbling engine between your knees.

Country Amazig 2 3D. School Bus Parking Test. The aliens are pouring in from space! Toy trucks can be whatever you want them to be. You're the head mechanic at the local ammazing shop, and it's your job to repair vehicles. Batman doesn't drive a truck. Lego My City 2. You are in control of traffic lights now! Race your car on this epic stage, and win the rally! City Car Driving Simulator 2.

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Mario's been jumping for decades now! The goal is to keep your car out of the junk yard, no matter By collecting coins for upgrades you can be on top of the leaderboa The gameplay typically involves racing against other players or against the computer, on either a racing circuit or an off-road racing track.

The last thing you want to crash into is a parked car. Put the pedal down and then Run them off the road in your high-pow Flip your car, do a backflip, and drive as fast as you can.

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