Cctv camera mod

But, it's kinda outdated. Create an account Choose Username required. November 22, at 7: Good to place it precisely

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If it is not for IOS you need to follow my instructions first you download a app named Cxmera then get a mod you want to get only for cctb android download it and put the file into GoodReader and select that file and rename it by deleting letters ZIP then replace them with mcaddon and press the file without selecting it and press build in another app copy to minecraft and there.

This is the mod code.

CCTV camera housing mod. CPT

January 23, at 6: If you watch goobo1 you know this Last edited by Kaevator: A CCTV camera mod. Please reupload it but this time in.

So, now we need something to actual see what's happening. So, do you like it guys? Project 0 Add-on Desert Update 1.

There's Security Craft for that. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Mod options Some of the parameters of the cameras can be customized in the prop file of the mod. November 15, at 9: The ccfv problem for some mods currently are that BlockLauncher is a little bit after in the updates so we need to wait for them to keep up with the new Minecraft PE updates.

CCTV Security Camera Mod

November 19, at 9: Curse Help Register Sign In. Thank mld so much for doing this! January 1, at I need this mod, mainly because i'm working on an underground bunker and I need cameras to monitor the tunnel entrances from a central location. Last edited by ArielleMineGirl: They have securicraft now if you need a security mod.

April 15, at 8: October 18, at 1: December 14, at Your a great modder. August 5, at 7: Comment Name Email Your rating: Then, it stays here. January 1, at 7: Hello editor what do you think is better for my minecraft version 1.

Reason why there are less iOS mods is simply because you need to jailbreak your phone to make mods work. But, beware, the cameras need to be within blocks!

Any support is gladly accepted! February 21, at On the other side, the "Advanced OpenGL" option doesn't generate flickering with it.

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