Huawei e160g firmware update

Two more questions please: If your modem doesn't survive the firmware update, I don't know how to fix that and I suggest you go get a new one or search Google for a fix. If your dongle won't install when you plug it in, you may need to download some software for it, called a driver. This should only be used if you're having trouble uninstalling 3Connect and we've advised you to download the uninstaller.

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Huawei E160 Firmware Download :- Modem(Netsetter) Dashboard

Two more questions please: Remove any SIM in your Huawei USB modem and plug it into your computer and run the firmware update that you downloaded and extracted from the zip file in Step 1. Please someone must have this firmware or know where I can find it.

When would it better to update firmware: I shall not be held responsible in any way. Thanks for your feedback. This should only be used if you're having trouble uninstalling 3Connect and we've advised you to download the uninstaller. It'll be a zip file. May 282: What were you doing? Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central.

Huawei E160G and 3 - Firmware?

Thanks for the link - this firmware update solved e16g the problems with web pages hanging and not loading. Here are some Huawei links http: You can download the latest E dongle firmware here. Search in titles only Search in Huawei only Search. CJT committed Sat Sep But I have a problem with the firmware that was supplied with the modem.

Latest firmware for E - DC-unlocker

Try looking direct at Huawei? Latest dashboard is UTPS I have Orange branded EG. Make sure your laptop computer or the UPS of your desktop computer is fully charged or that you have a fueled standby generator at hand.

The download should take about five minutes. Adamant eat-sleep-adslguide Sun Mar Huawei EE update failure.

If a shortage of power supply occurs during the flashing process, your modem will e16g rendered useless. For additional details, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Once your Huawei modem has been detected, the software will show the window below. When you're truly ready, click the Start button and you might be asked for the Flash code.

When the download is complete, you would need to unzip the file to extract the exe application within. We process personal data about users of our site, through the use of cookies and other technologies, to deliver our services, personalize advertising, and to analyze site activity.

Print Thread dbheyworth newbie Sat May On the next page, select the model of your modem and click the small white icon beside it. Right-click on the file, and select Extract all Click Save and choose somewhere memorable to save it.

For those interested in flashing their Huawei modemshere's how to go about it. Once the update huawej over, you'll receive an Update Success notification like that below. In reply to a post by Adamant:.

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