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Dragon Nest features 4 familiar playable characters at the start: On 24 October the North American version extended its level-cap to 50, giving the players the ability to learn their 3rd sub-class. A Bloodthirsty maniac from another world.

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Views Read Edit View history. Currently only available for the Chinese market. The game has a hub modeled after Saint Haven for players to interact with one another, manage menus and speak to NPCs like Argenta. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Server had juridical disagreements with developers and also game become not in priority fot the Mail.

On 13 Maythe level cap was increased to Spirit Dancer — the class that improves spiritual and long range skill draggon Dancer. From onwards, the game is known as Dragon Nest A: Eyedentity Games has been revealed about next installment of Dragon Nest and will be released in Summer Dragon Nest Europe was officially released on 6 March by eFusion.

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Of course, the new game will focus on larger scale combat and in the future, the end-game content crwdits include guild wars which involves 60 players, 30 from each side, fighting each other. It was announced that the game would be entering its closed beta in the middle of but delayed to Fall of Will of the Godsthe A stands for " A wakening".

Heroes Comes to NA in ".

The long-awaited Sea Dragon Nest was released on June 4,and also the much anticipated Level 50 cap was released on 28 Augusttogether with further advancements in their current job classes. It's was Rumble Mode back.

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No details were given of this game, and it's said to be on a very early stage of pxtch by Eyedentity Games for iOS and Android. Blade Dancer — The class that improves short-range blade skill from Dancer.

Players choose from a range of hero classes, characters that are of the Dragon Nest storyline that can equip customizable gear and weapons.

Dragon Nest logo by Eyedentity Games and Nexon. Also known as Dragon Nest: She can make high damage but has low defensive.

Awake that use all system as same as on the original game on PC. Localization in Russian is handled by the holding company Mail. Retrieved March 31, Additional content related to the increase has been added which includes new Level 40 items, Manticore Nest and the Apocalypse Nest. Screamer — The class that uses the same weapon as Dancer, out standing in support and can provide great damage to enemies and she can summon spirit hands to control the enemies. Acrobat — Use short bow or crossbow as weapon but most of her combat styles use her kick.

Saint — the class that improves support and healing skill from Priest. A film based on the game, Dragon Nest: Also known as Dragon Nest Mobile is a hack and slash game for mobile devices for the Chinese market developed in Unity.

Shooting Star — The class that improves Alfredo magic skill from Engineer. On 11 Februarythe level cap was increased to 70, giving access to new EX skills, and the Anu Arendel dungeons. It was later shut down on 28 March Characters, items and skill from the open chrery test were not cleared, so players kept the progress they made in rcedits OBT.

After this patch next update has been released only on 31 March The new Lancea class was released on March 3, bringing a total of 8 playable characters.

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