Garmin 430 tutorial

Turn large right knob to select "Delete active flight plan? You can easily change your active leg from the default to the one that terminates at the Missed Approach Point, or MAP, usually at the end of the runway. The waypoint WPT pages let you look up information on airports and facilities without necessarily having them as an active waypoint.

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Leg to KMHT not there! Dragging the screen works fine too. Using User-Defined Waypoints User-defined waypoints can be defined anywhere.

Garmin During Visual Approaches - USAeroFlight Aviation

Proper use of your landing light offers multiple benefits. You can see the magenta line indicating the path to our selected destination.

As in the real device in the airplane, the GNS begins with a self-test sequence terminating in "OK? The Garmin is a wonderful tool—the challenge is to not be too lazy or too unfamiliar with its capabilities to use it effectively. Modern receivers may be able to use signals from more gadmin one of these systems.

Radio squelch function; not needed in X-plane.

Bump the small right knob again to de-activate the cursor. Or you can continue on to Exercises 3 to learn how to set the map options. The Garmin is a very popular GPS receiver, and tutoria adoption of these and similar units throughout aviation is rendering older radio navigation aids -such as NDBs and VORs- redundant.

The X-plane built-in Kingair has both a and The X-plane has a database current when version His career has included recreational civilian flying during college and flying as a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force.

Start the simulation on the ground at KBVY with airspeed and altitude zero.

01 - Introduction to using the X-plane / Garmin w - GPS () Tutorials - Forum

Set simulator airspeed to knots or whatever to get the plane moving. If you stop right here, you will have a very good practical knowledge of the most useful features of the unit.

Then use the large knob to move the cursor to the next space for the second letter. The GPS database already contains all existing waypoints, that includes airports, VORsNDBsand intersections, each of which already has a unique identifier, and exact published geographical tutorila.

Flips the active and standby frequencies on the com radio.

Here's one of the most commonly used functions of these units, Direct-To. The screen will display 'Activate? This can especially be a problem on hazy days and at night. Use HDG bug to intercept final approach. The small left knob, and small right knobs, as well as the volume knobs, can be turned, and also pushed and released, like a button. Bump small right knob to highlight tuorial.


It works anywhere that provides for radio signals to reach satellites, so basically anywhere except under the aforementioned rock.

These data fields can tutoril removed to make more space for the map my preference. Looking for a simple solution? If the on-screen cursor is enabled, this knob moves the cursor on the page.

On the real device, this knob also controls power to the unit, and com radio volume. This shows the approximate vertical scale of the map in nm. Activate map panning, pan around, de -activate map panning Exercise 2. There are two main ways to obtain the course and vertical guidance: Also displayed is 'DTK', or direct track to the destination.

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