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I am very concerned. Best word games EVER! Get all letters in all level forming longer words with special bonus! Information Seller Apprope AB. Now you can suggest words directly from the game and we will add them to the Bubble Words dictionary.

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Invite them to play! That's when I take a break for a few months to gather up free hints from the daily puzzles- because the hint packages for sale are ridiculously expensive. How to Play Tap to shoot bubbles in that direction.

Sometimes, I want to focus in and work a devilishly challenging level, while other times I've got a few minutes to kill and want something easier to do. It's much more challenging than your typical word search. Discover mysterious bottles with messages inside! Connect with facebook and compete with you friends. For all words fans. Fixed a few bugs and corrected some levels!

Adults will find a challenging killing time game experience with hundreds of levels and missions. I did not have any problems until I got to the first "float the bottle to the top" level and no matter what I do I cannot get 3 stars. Post Apocalypse Survival Games.

Fixed a few important bugs, please update! What form of payment is being used?

I love this game! There are two major flaws that I see in this game, which keep me from giving it 5 stars. Progress bkbble harder levels with bigger and bigger puzzles! It isn't uncommon to have to restart a puzzle because you left a few straggling letters on the board that you can no longer connect.

Just a few quick fixes and ironed out kinks so the game will run even smoother! This is for the higher levels, where you've got multiple difficult words which have to be traced in a certain way or you risk not being able to complete the missing words.

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I am very concerned. Best Shooter on Mobiles. Other features Top up extra bubbles with lives in tough levels. I am having a blast playing this game. Use the cookies, power ups and scrabble that special bubble letter!

Draw and fill it up!

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Fixes support for some older devices, please get it now! Dive into a new version of Bubble Words! If you're looking for a quick-fix game this might not be for you. Although Bubble Worlds does not really break the mould in terms of originality, it offers face paced and addictive game play that is sure to satisfy most people who have a love for games of this type. No thanks Submit review. Mysterious Treasure Egypt Legend.

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Get your gun and lead the battle. Players are provided with a cannon at the bottom of the screen that fires coloured bubbles and it is necessary to create combinations of the same coloured bubbles to cause them to fall to the ground and bubbel the screen. There might be more than one path to make a particular word but only one is bubbe correct way to be able to connect the letters for the remaining words.

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