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If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. This is a clear example of how things can change for the better when people work together. Subscribe today Subscribe today from 99p. September Issue In other cases there was no investigation, the signs did not give rise to concern, or even curiosity.

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Piecing together precisely what happened, why it happened and how to prevent another Piper Alpha happening again took Lord Cullen two years and pages.

Piper Alpha: Cullen Report left no stone unturned | Press and Journal

He found that shortcomings in the handover between shifts and in the execution of the permit to work system meant operators were unaware that the valve, which would have prevented the leak, was not in place. As a result he recommends that the safety regulations with regard to offshore operations be completely rewritten to allow for more site-specific and flexible application of safety system designs.

The fire at Buncefield in England in December similarly was the result of an overflow of petrol due to the sticking of a high level switch, with vapour again igniting, causing a fire which raged for two days. Date range From yyyy: This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.

The public inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster

They provide full powers for appointing assessors, summoning witnesses, collecting evidence and making recommendations. After announcing on 7 July that a public inquiry would be held to establish the circumstances and causes of the accident on Piper Alpha, Cecil Parkinson, Secretary of State for Energy made a further statement on 14 July outlining the form the inquiry would take: Sign In Forgot password?

Balancing the Protection of Business and Employment in Insolvency: The explosion was caused by an ignition of an oil vapour cloud due to an overflow from a piece of processing equipment.

Standard opening times Monday. Sign In or Create an Account. This series contains the records of the public inquiry, chaired by The Hon Lord Cullen between 11 November and 15 Februaryinto the accident on the Piper Alpha offshore drilling platform. Processing Risk In Asset Management.

Safety barrier management and risk assessment: Safety case regulations were revised inin light of 13 years of experience, to reduce the burden of three yearly resubmissions without diminishing their effectiveness. A Legally Constructed Underclass of Workers?

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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The result was the adoption of a goal-setting safety regime that changed the face of offshore safety. In other cases there was no investigation, the signs did not give rise to concern, or even curiosity.

International and Comparative Employment Relations: Lord Cullen was appointed to investigate the disaster and his enquiry ran for days. Lessons from a cross-industry review of safety case practices. The inquiry was held in Aberdeen with a preliminary hearing on 11 November and the Public Hearing from 19 January to 15 February Email alerts New issue alert. Finally, he used the case of Deepwater Horizon at the Macondo oil and gas well where an assumption about a safety process was treated as fact, having fatal consequences.

The Cullen Reports

You do not currently have access to this article. Don't already have an Oxford Academic account? Lord Cullen said these cases, among others like the Columbia space shuttle disaster, showed the value of the experience of others, and that management should lead the way in safety culture.

The impact can be seen across the industry today and his verdict on the present state of offshore safety continues to hold great weight. His address used examples from several other major accidents that had taken place since Piper Alpha, including the Texas City oil refinery explosion and Buncefield oil refinery fire inand the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Although the paper makes some other specific recommendations on safety systems, the secondary thrust of the paper is on developing more workable evacuation, escape, and rescue plans. At the end of his report, Lord Cullen made recommendations for improving safety on oil rigs and floating installations, all of which were implemented.

October Issue

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